Why Choose Petrucci Agency?

At Petrucci Agency we help clients understand the “risks” – meaning the chance of financial loss. Insurance is designed to offset the financial impact that may occur from such losses. We help clients determine the amount of risk they are willing to absorb in determining what type insurance policy they might purchase.

According to the legal definitions in Florida Statutes:

  • The “Policy” is a written contract to effect insurance and includes various clauses, riders, definitions, terms and endorsements.
  • “Insurance” is a contract where one undertakes to indemnify another or pay or allow a specified amount or a determinable benefit upon determinable contingencies.

As Insurance Professionals, we earn the respect of both Insurance Carriers and Clients based on our diligence, proven risk management and dedication to serving the needs of our customers and community businesses.


Clients are “Priority One” at Petrucci Agency.

Our focus is to deliver the best insurance solutions, applying the highest ethical standards, thus providing insurance security and peace of mind to the public in both personal and commercial areas.

We understand that a person’s life is full of changes that require modifications to insurance policies. There is family status, teenage drivers, new cars, purchase of motor homes or boats, change of address and new homes or rental properties, illnesses or deaths, change in jobs, changes in income, retirement and more. Businesses, too, are constantly evolving. Payrolls change, products and locations may be added, sales revenues are up or down. New partners buy in, or new corporations are formed. Truly, you’ll find that at Petrucci Insurance we excel at delivering personal service to keep your policies custom tailored to your needs. And when there is a claim we are there to help you get it reported and resolved. We are committed to “come along” with the policies that we deliver as we strive to build strong long-term relationships with our clients.

Our goal at Petrucci Insurance is to always provide what the public should expect: A superior level of trusted, personalized, and professional insurance services from an agency that partners with them.

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